CYBER HEAT MAP cybersecurity capability assessment for higher education

CYBER HEAT MAP ® is a cybersecurity capability assessment tool designed to help higher education institutions streamline their cybersecurity strategy evaluation and technology roadmap creation processes.

Built on 20+ years of higher education experience

Chris Schreiber developed CYBER HEAT MAP to streamline in-person cybersecurity strategy coaching workshops. During this process, he recognized that colleges needed cost-effective security assessment and planning tools. This online platform was the result.

The CYBER HEAT MAP portal will allow higher education CIOs and CISOs to quickly evaluate their cybersecurity capabilities with a simple self-assessment tool.

They may compare their results to the institution’s maturity and compliance objectives after completing a quick survey.

Available exclusively through CampusCISO

CYBER HEAT MAP is currently offered to higher education institutions as part of a CampusCISO membership.

Please visit to learn more.

If you are interested in using CYBER HEAT MAP and are not part of a college or university, please contact [email protected] or setup a free consultation to explore how we can help.